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Donates E-Bike to Woman After Theft

By :Jordan Childs 0 comments
Donates E-Bike to Woman After Theft

Less than a day after her electric scooter was stolen, Sue Breen’s eyes are welling up with tears of joy. Ottawa’s Derand Motorsports delivered Breen a new ruby red e-bike Thursday afternoon.

Breen, a 51-year-old cancer survivor noticed her old green e-bike went missing early Wednesday morning from her South Glebe home; Breen purchased the e-bike 6 years ago upon learning of her cancer diagnosis with money she inherited following her mother’s passing.

derandmotorsports donate e-bike to woman fighting cancer after theft
“I couldn’t stop hugging him,” said Breen, after embracing André Derouchie of Derand Motorsports. “People really do care, I think we can get caught up in the one bad person and forget how many amazing people there are.”

Derouchie learned of the e-bike theft watching CTV News Wednesday night. “I felt sad, I didn’t think these things happened in our city.”

Breen tested her new wheels on her ride to work; wearing her shiny new white helmet and a smile ear-to-ear. The surprise gift from Derand Motorsports was one of many offers from the community to help Breen get back on the road.

“It's freedom, hop on the bike and go,” said Derouchie. “This is overwhelming, I’m just as happy as she is. I just wanted to give her something for it.”

Breen is most excited about her new bike’s horn and alarmed lock system. “Nobody’s stealing this bad boy!” 



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