Step-Thru City Commuting E-Bike

Featuring by the step-thru frame, this style is accessible and convenient. Getting from point A to point is faster and more efficient than ever. With the addition of the cargo rack, it is easy to carry the groceries and your daily items.  Simply hop on, hop off, and enjoy the freedom of biking.

Power-Assist Electric Mountain Bike

Built from the classic mountain bike frame, it rides exactly as its foregoer, but it is capable of taking you farther to wherever your adventure may lead you. With less effort and less time needed, biking has never been easier. 

Compact Foldable Electric Bike

Folded and unfolded in 15 seconds, these e-bikes encompass the design of accessibility and flexibility. Light, compact, adjustable, they are suitable for riders of all levels. Storage and transportation will never be a problem as it is just as big as a suitcase when collapsed

City Commuting E-Bike

Bikes made for community through the city with little ease. With less effort and less time needed, biking has never been easier. 

Premium Large Frame E-Bike with Full Suspension

Looking for a High Performance E-Bike to limitless fun? Explore our collection of full suspension e-bikes.

Premium Dual Motor, Dual Battery E-Bike

Built to perform, the X series is equipped with dual motors and dual batteries. The EMMO E-Wild X and EMMO Monta X redefine the power and travel distance of an electric bike. Its enormous potential allows you to discover new horizons and explore limitless fun.

Premium Trike Electric Bicycles

Giving you more stability, our tricycles are Canadian designed and first in their class.