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Daymak Cargo

by Daymak
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The Daymak Cargo Ebike is tailored to suit your needs! This ebike features front and rear storage baskets, making it your perfect work companion. Whether you're in the food delivery business or simply need assistance in carrying your tools, the Cargo Ebike has you covered. Thanks to the dual lithium-ion battery packs, you can travel over 35 kms with no pedalling per battery. The beauty of it all is that the Cargo ebike operates fully with just one battery, allowing you to put the other one on charge while you're out running errands or enjoying some fresh air. Tailor your ebike to your needs with the all-new Daymak Cargo Ebike, available now! Visit Derand Motorsports to discover this incredible ride!

Up to 100km in Range
Dual 48V/13Ah Lithium Batteries

Experience the extraordinary Cargo Ebike, featuring a dual lithium-ion battery system that doubles your range. Seamlessly switch between batteries, allowing you to cover even more distance. You can ride with just one battery while the other charges, ensuring you never run out of power.

Large Storage

The name "Cargo ebike" says it all, emphasizing its ample cargo space. With both front and rear baskets, this ebike is perfect for food delivery or any other items you need on your trip. Carry your essentials with ease and convenience, making the Cargo ebike an excellent choice for all your transportation needs.

Foldable Handle Bars

One of the unique features of the Cargo ebike is its foldable handlebars. This innovative design allows you to lean the bike to the side, significantly reducing the amount of space it occupies.