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Disc Brake Pads (Zoom & Shimano)

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These disc brake pads are compatible with various disc brakes like ZOOM HB870, HB875, HB100, and SHIMANO M595, M775, M596, M585, M535, and M975. They offer strong stopping power, and durability, and are made from wear-resistant metal. Suitable for front and back brakes, they fit all rotor types, ensuring smooth and quiet braking in all weather conditions, ideal for various biking activities.

ZOOM Brakes:
HB870, HB875, and HB100
M595, M775, M596, M585, M535, and M975

Dimensions: 3.74 x 3.15 x 0.39 inches
Package Weight: 0.03 Kilograms
Brand Name: ‎VGEBY
Model Name: ‎VGEBYmic7bkxyes
Material: Metal

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