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Emmo Caofen Trail F80 DS-30

Original price $5,999.00 - Original price $6,099.00
Original price
$5,999.00 - $6,099.00
Current price $5,999.00
The DS-30 e-bike rocks a sleek design with a cool dirt bike vibe. Packed with an enhanced 72V/30Ah lithium battery for a rad off-road experience and long-lasting power. Ideal for adventure seekers craving both style and distance!

Comfortable Dual Suspension

Versatile, adjustable, and built for personalized ride comfort with robust dual suspensions.

Travel regardless of time or weather conditions

Light up your journey with confidence using the impressive front light on the Caofen F80. This potent front light is crafted to boost your visibility and safety, allowing worry-free rides day or night

Battery with Cooling System

Durable, quick-charging, and eco-friendly even in freezing temps with efficient cooling. The kind of performance that stands the test of time!