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Emmo Trobic Pro

by Emmo

Original price $3,199.00 - Original price $3,899.00
Original price
$3,199.00 - $3,899.00
Current price $3,199.00
Introducing the Emmo Trobic Pro electric trike: equipped with a powerful 750W motor for uphill rides, a 48V lithium-ion battery providing a range of 30-120km, and spacious rear storage. Experience convenience and performance as you explore Ottawa's streets with the Trobic Pro.

61 Litre Storage
Includes Water Resistant Bag

The Trobic Pro's spacious rear basket, designed for efficiency, makes your errands effortless and hassle-free. With 61 Litres (25"x15"x10") of storage, it offers ample space to accommodate endless possibilities. Enjoy the convenience of carrying your bags protected by a water-resistant bag that surrounds the cage.

Peak 750W Geared Hub Motor

Experience unparalleled power and performance with the Trobic Pro's 750W hub motor. This cutting-edge electric motor propels you forward with impressive acceleration and speed, making uphill rides and challenging terrains a breeze.

48V Removable Lithium-ion Battery

The Trobic Pro comes with a powerful Samsung lithium battery, guaranteeing an extended range and lifetime. Enjoy peace of mind with the Smart Management System, which ensures hassle-free use, maintenance, and storage. Customize your experience with various battery upgrade options, allowing you to select the perfect configuration for your needs.