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Emmo Zone Max 84V


Discover the ultimate upgrade of the renowned full-size electric motorcycle, Emmo Zone GTS - Emmo Zone Max. With its QS super torque motor, 84V long-range lithium battery, and full-suspension platform. Explore the powerful capabilities of this exceptional electric motorcycle designed for thrill-seekers and eco-conscious riders alike.



What is Assembly & PDI?

No worries about assembling your electric bicycle or kick scooter! Derand makes it simple for just $99. And for electric scooters and motorcycle-style rides, assembly is only $199. Enjoy a stress-free process and get a 1-year labor warranty plus a 1-year parts warranty.

Local Shipping

Derand ensures convenient local delivery within the Ottawa area for a fee of $49 with every bike purchase, while customers residing outside the city can contact us for shipping rates.

17-inch QS 84V Super Torque Motor

Experience the exhilaration of the Zone Max's 84V QS super torque motor in the beautiful city of Ottawa. It delivers electrifying acceleration and ensures an extraordinary riding experience, whether you're cruising through Ottawa's vibrant streets or embarking on thrilling adventures in the surrounding areas. With its high torque output, you'll feel an instant surge of power that leaves other motorcycles in the dust, allowing you to explore Ottawa and its scenic routes with unmatched excitement.

Dual Disc Hydraulic Brake

Offering the utmost reliability in stopping technology, the front and rear hydraulic brake systems ensure you can halt precisely when required. These advanced systems, along with motor cutoff switches, deliver ample stopping power even in the most challenging conditions. Count on these cutting-edge features to provide you with exceptional control and safety, allowing you to confidently navigate any situation that comes your way.

84V UL Certified Lithium Component

Embark on a boundless exploration journey with the industry-leading 84V lithium battery and charger system, renowned for its unrivaled safety and reliability with UL certification. This exceptional electric motorcycle opens up a world of possibilities with its impressive range, stretching up to 200 km on a single charge. Leave behind any worries of range anxiety and embrace the freedom of indulging in those long-awaited extended rides. Fulfill your dreams of venturing far and wide with confidence, knowing that the battery and charger system will support your every adventure.

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84V 500W Continuously QS Motor


84V/20Ah SLA; 84V/30Ah Li; 84V/50Ah Li; 84V/60Ah Li; 84V/100Ah Li;

Top Speed


Battery Range

35-45 km (84V20Ah SLA); 65-85 km (84V30Ah Li); 85-105 km (84V50Ah Li); 120-140 km (84V60Ah Li); 200 km (84V100Ah Li)*‍

Bike Weight





Hydraulic Dual Disk Brake


110/70-17 Tubeless Tire


84V Lithium Charger 3-10 Hours


81" x 27" x 44"

Weight Rating


Brake Light & Headlight

LED Headlight, Turning Signals, Tail Light and Brake Light