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InMotion V12 HT Electric Unicycle

$2,999.00 $2,699.00

Introducing the V12 HT—an upgraded version that boasts a formidable 2800W motor designed for increased power and torque. Crafted with a reinforced rim, this robust motor ensures exceptional durability for off-road adventures. Moreover, the improved control board design enhances resilience, making it even more reliable during intense rides. If you prioritize power and torque over sheer speed, the V12 HT is the ideal choice for you. Experience an amplified performance that takes your riding prowess to new heights.

What is Assembly & PDI?

No worries about assembling your electric bicycle or kick scooter! Derand makes it simple for just $99. And for electric scooters and motorcycle-style rides, assembly is only $199. Enjoy a stress-free process and get a 1-year labor warranty plus a 1-year parts warranty.

Local Shipping

Derand ensures convenient local delivery within the Ottawa area for a fee of $49 with every bike purchase, while customers residing outside the city can contact us for shipping rates.

Built-in Touch Screen Display

Effortlessly monitor speed, battery level, and other essential information, while effortlessly adjusting almost all wheel configurations without relying on an application.

Integrated Bluetooth Speakers

Equipped with four speaker drivers, the V12 delivers exceptional volume and sound quality for both music playback and system alerts.

Retractable Carrying Handle

The trolley handle effortlessly retracts, securely locking in both positions, making it convenient to deploy and use.

Bright LED Headlight

Experience enhanced visibility and safety with the inclusion of an LED headlight on your V12. This feature illuminates your path, allowing you to ride confidently even in low-light conditions.

Responsive image
Responsive image


2500W with 5400W Peak


LG MJ1 - 1750Wh 100V

Top Speed


Battery Range

Up to 150km






Apple & Android


18" x 3"




21" x 18" x 6"

Weight Rating


Brake Light & Headlight

Quad Front LED

Max Climbing Angle

45 degrees

IP Rating


Brake Light & Removable Battery

Yes Service Required