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JBL Wind 3

by JBL

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The JBL Wind 3 is a compact and weather-resistant portable speaker designed for music enthusiasts on the go. With easy installation on bike handlebars and Bluetooth connectivity, it delivers powerful and clear sound during outdoor adventures. It also supports hands-free calls and voice assistants for added convenience and safety.

Portability and Convenience

The JBL Wind 3 is your music's perfect companion for those on-the-go adventures. With its compact design and secure handlebar clamp, it's incredibly portable, allowing you to take your music or calls wherever your journey leads. Whether you're on a bike ride, road trip, or just enjoying the great outdoors, the Wind 3's portability ensures you never have to leave your favorite tunes behind.

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IP67 Water Resistance

The JBL Wind 3 comes with an impressive IP67 rating, making it ready to take on the elements. This rating means it's both dust-tight and water-resistant, ensuring that your music won't be compromised even in challenging conditions. So, whether you encounter dusty trails or a sudden rain shower, the Wind 3 is built to withstand it all, making it the perfect outdoor audio companion.

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10 Hour Battery Life

The JBL Wind 3 boasts an incredible 10-hour battery life, ensuring that your music keeps playing during your extended adventures. Whether you're on a long bike ride, a day-long road trip, or a camping excursion, this portable speaker has the stamina to keep you entertained throughout the journey. Say goodbye to constant recharging and hello to uninterrupted music enjoyment with the JBL Wind 3.

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