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Rayvolt Trixie - Christiania Style

by Rayvolt

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Discover the Rayvolt Trixie, an electric tricycle that combines vintage charm with modern functionality. Ideal for family adventures, the Trixie can comfortably transport up to three children or an adult and a child, equipped with reliable mechanical disc brakes for safe and efficient stopping power.

Battery: Samsung Li-ion Removable 48V 10.5Ah (Standard), 48V 21Ah (Dual)​​​​
Motor: Smart hub 50Nm - 250W (Smart Hub), 250W - 1000W (Power Hub)​​
Speed: Up to 25 km/h (15.5 Mile/h) with Smart Hub, up to 43 km/h (27 Mile/h) with Power Hub​​
Rated Travel Range: Up to 25 miles (Standard Battery), up to 50 miles (Dual Battery)​​
Charging Time: 2.5 hours (Standard Battery), 3 hours (Dual Battery)​​
UL 2849 Compliance: N/A
Sensor: Torque Sensor (optional)​​

Gearing System: Shimano Tourney TZ 7-speed gearing
Tire Size & Rim:
Rear Tire: 24x3 Tubed Tire
Front Tire: 20x3 Tubed Tire
Brakes: Mechanical Disk Brake (Front and Rear)
Frame Material: Aluminum
Rim: Double wall 24” x 40 mm Rear Rim, Double wall 20” x 40 mm Front Rim​​

Dimension: 2220 x 1605 x 926 mm​​
Net Weight: 72 kg (158.73 lbs)​​
Load Capacity: 350lbs

A cargo bike with style

The Rayvolt Trixie stands out as a stylish cargo bike, merging vintage aesthetics with practical design. Its elegant frame and sleek lines redefine the conventional look of cargo bicycles, making it a trendy choice for urban commuting and family transportation

Extreme cargo space

The Trixie excels in offering ample cargo space, perfect for family outings or grocery runs. This electric tricycle is uniquely designed to safely and efficiently carry several children or a combination of an adult and a child, along with other essentials,

Comfortable Leather Interior

Designed with a focus on rider comfort, featuring a genuine leather saddle and custom leather grips. These premium materials not only enhance the bike's vintage aesthetic but also provide a luxurious and comfortable touch for longer rides

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