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Apollo RFN Ares Rally Pro

by Apollo
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The RFN ARES BLACK (ROAD) is an avant-garde, certified electric motorcycle from Apollo Motors, setting new standards for electric bikes in 2024. It seamlessly fits into the moped category in Canada, requiring just a Class 5/7 permit and is legal for speeds up to 45km/h. This motorcycle is a featherweight at only 63kg, ensuring brisk acceleration, and making it ideal for urban and off-road adventures. Its extended wheelbase and 50:50 weight distribution provide superior stability and handling. With a peak power of 12.5KW and a range of up to 140km on a single charge, the RFN ARES is a testament to eco-friendly power and agility.

Motor: Internal Rotor Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor
Battery: 74V, 35Ah / 2590Wh
Range: 160 Km (Test conditions: Load 75 Kg, 25 Km/h uniform speed, ambient temperature 25°C, flat pavement)
Charging Time: 0-80% in 2 hours

Speed: Top Speed 45 kmph
Climbing Angle: N/A
Rear Tire: K711 100/80-17
Front Tire: K488 80/90-17
Brakes: Disc brakes, Four-piston calipers, alloy levers, hand lever for both front and rear
Security Systems: N/A
Storage: N/A

Net Weight: 68 kg
Load Capacity: 120 kg
Dimensions: Length 1937 mm, Width 770 mm, Height 1080 mm
Seat Height: 835 mm
Wheelbase: 1330 mm
Ground Clearance: 300 mm

RFN ARES - Versatile Riding Modes

Versatile Riding Modes

The RFN ARES BLACK (ROAD) includes innovative riding modes for varied experiences - Turtle Mode for energy-saving long-distance travel, Rabbit Mode for active driving with better acceleration, Rocket Mode for a catapult start, and a Reverse Mode limited to 9 km/h, making it adaptable to different riding needs and styles.

RFN ARES - Advanced Battery System

Removable Battery

The RFN road electric dirtbike comes with a 35 Ah / 2,590 Wh battery, featuring Lithium LG Premium 21700 cells. This removable battery can be charged while installed on the bike or separately, providing a range of 140 km and a charge time of 0-100% in 3 hours, offering both convenience and endurance.

RFN ARES - Eco-Conscious Design

Eco-Conscious Design

The RFN ARES represents a blend of environmental responsibility and performance. Its eco-conscious design is evident in its electric nature, reducing emissions and noise pollution, making it a sustainable choice for modern transportation needs.

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