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Shok Fusion

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Description: The SHOK Fusion is an innovative hybrid electric vehicle, combining the features of a kick scooter and an e-bike. This transport solution is designed for both fun and functionality. It boasts a robust 20-inch aluminum alloy frame, a powerful 500W motor, and a 48V 10Ah Lithium-ion battery. Equipped with front suspension and hydraulic disk brakes, the SHOK Fusion represents a new paradigm in e-mobility, offering a unique blend of performance and comfort for riders.

Battery: 48V 10Ah Lithium-ion battery​​​​​​
Motor: 500W rear hub motor​​​​
Speed: Top speed up to 32 km/h (Region Specific)​​​​
Rated Travel Range: Throttle: 20-25km (12-16 miles), PAS: 35-40km (22-25 miles)​​; up to 40km​​
Charging Time: N/A
UL 2849 Compliance: N/A
Sensor: N/A

Charger Included: Yes (54.6V 2A)​​
Display: KD717 LCD​​
Frame: 20" 6061 Aluminum Alloy​​​​
Fork: Front fork suspension​​​​​​
Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes​​​​​​
Tire: 20x4.0 inch fat tires​​​​​​
Rim: N/A

Dimension: 114cm x 188cm​​
Net Weight: 23kg (50.7 lbs)​​​​
Load Capacity: Max rider weight 130kg (285lbs)​​​​

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Fat Tires for Versatile Terrain

The SHOK Fusion is equipped with large 20x4 inch fat tires, enhancing its capability to traverse various terrains with ease. These tires provide stability and traction on both urban streets and off-road paths, making it an ideal vehicle for adventure seekers and daily commuters alike.

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Hybrid Design

The unique hybrid design of the SHOK Fusion combines the agility of a kick scooter with the power of an e-bike. This innovative approach not only offers a refreshing riding experience but also caters to a wider range of user preferences, from leisurely rides to more vigorous commutes.

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Advanced Suspension System

The front fork suspension of the SHOK Fusion ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, particularly on rough or uneven surfaces. This feature significantly enhances ride quality and stability, providing an enjoyable and safe experience for the rider.

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