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Vsett 10+ Kick Scooter

by vsett
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Description: The Vsett 10+ is a high-performance electric scooter designed for speed and efficiency. It features dual 1400W motors capable of reaching speeds up to 80 km/h and offers a range of up to 160 km in eco mode. The scooter is equipped with 10-inch pneumatic tires, dual adjustable suspension, and responsive hydraulic brakes for a smooth and safe ride.

Battery: 60V, available in 20.8Ah, 25.6Ah (LG), and 28Ah (LG) options
Motor: Dual 1400W Brushless Direct Drive motors
Speed: Up to 80 km/h (approximately 50 mph)
Rated Travel Range: Up to 160 km (in eco mode), 65 km / 80km / 90km (in turbo dual motor mode)
Charging Time: ~ 8 Hours
UL 2849 Compliance: N/A

Charger Included: 3A
Display: High Efficiency Dashboard with NFC key card lock
Frame: Aluminum Alloy
Fork: N/A
Brakes: Front and Rear Hydraulic Brakes + E-Brake
Tire: 10" x 3" pneumatic tires
Rim: 6" rims

Dimension (Unfolded): 1300 x 630 x 1360 mm
Dimension (Folded): 1300 x 260 x 460 mm
Net Weight: Approximately 35.5 kg (NW), 37.5 kg (GW)
Load Capacity: 120 kg (approximately 265 lbs)

NFC Key Lock Immobilizer

NFC Key Lock Immobilizer

The Vsett 10+ has an advanced feature known as the NFC Key Lock Immobilizer. This technology utilizes near-field communication (NFC) to provide a secure and convenient way to lock and immobilize the scooter. This feature adds an extra layer of security for peace of mind.

Fully Featured Lights Including Front & Rear Turning Lights

Fully Featured Lights Including Front & Rear Turning Lights

The VSETT 10+ is the epitome of electric kickscooters, combining power, speed, and cutting-edge safety features, including integrated turning lights, to provide riders with an unparalleled urban commuting experience.

Vsett10+ Suspension

Full Suspension

Designed with a strong focus on durability and performance, the VSETT 10+ boasts a sophisticated dual-spring suspension setup that effortlessly glides over rough terrain, absorbing bumps and shocks to deliver an incredibly smooth ride.

Two Easy to Access Modes

Two Easy to Access Modes

With the press of a button, riders can now unleash the full potential of the machine in Sport Mode or Dual Drive mode. Engaging either mode enhances the motor's performance, granting a surge of speed and acceleration, or the ability to climb that steep hill.

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