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Vsett 11+ Kick Scooter

by vsett
Original price $3,499.00 - Original price $3,599.00
Original price $3,499.00
$3,699.00 - $3,799.00
Current price $3,699.00

NFC Key Lock Immobilizer

The Vsett 11+ has an advanced feature known as the NFC Key Lock Immobilizer. This technology utilizes near-field communication (NFC) to provide a secure and convenient way to lock and immobilize the scooter. This feature adds an extra layer of security for peace of mind.

Fully Featured Lights
Including Front & Rear Turning Lights

The VSETT 11+ is the epitome of electric kickscooters, combining power, speed, and cutting-edge safety features, including integrated turning lights, to provide riders with an unparalleled urban commuting experience.

Full Suspension

Designed with a strong focus on durability and performance, the VSETT 11+ boasts a sophisticated hydraulic suspension setup that effortlessly glides over rough terrain, absorbing bumps and shocks to deliver an incredibly smooth ride.

Two Easy-to-Access Modes

With the press of a button, riders can now unleash the full potential of the machine in Sport Mode or Dual Drive mode. Engaging either mode enhances the motor's performance, granting a surge of speed and acceleration, or the ability to climb that steep hill.

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60V 1500w x 2


60V 31.2 AH Lithium

Top Speed


Battery Range

Up to 160km

Scooter Weight



Front & Rear Hydraulic Suspension

Water Resistance



Pneumatic Front & Rear 11 x 4 inch


Front & Rear Drum Brakes

Folded Size

52" x 11" x 24"

Weight Rating


Brake & Headlight

Yes and Turning lights

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