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Kaabo Wolf King GTR

by Kaabo
Original price $5,399.00 - Original price $5,399.00
Original price $5,399.00
$5,399.00 - $5,399.00
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The Wolf King GTR boasts impressive upgrades, including max speeds of 110 km/h, up to 120km in range, dual hydraulic disc brakes for rapid stops, a UL 2271 Certified portable LG battery, 12” air-filled puncture-resistant tires, and a standout feature: a Separable Motor for effortless rim and tire replacements.

Acceleration Time (0-50 km/h): 3.5 Seconds
Max Range: 120KM
Rated Power: 2000W *2 (Separable motor)
Max Power: 13440W (Separable motor)
Torque: 50N·m *2
Controller: (sine wave) 2-in-1 FOC controller
Display Type: TFT display +Kaabo accelerator
Drive Mode: Single/dual motor switchable
Battery Nominal Capacity: 2419 Wh Portable battery
Battery Capacity: LG INR21700-M50
Charger: 84V 2A 1+ 2- (2pcs)
Charging Time: Approx. 8.5 hrs(use 2A *2)
Charging Time: Approx. 3.5 hrs(use 5A *2,Customers are required to purchase 5A chargers)

Brake: Front and rear hydraulic brake (160) +ABS
Tires: 12 inch vacuum all-terrain run stability control tyre (CST)
Suspension System: Adjustable two-arm motorcycle shock absorber(Front)
Adjustable 18 level spring damping oil pressure shock absorber(Rear)

Open Size: 1292mm X 748mm X 1348mm
Folding Size: 1629mm X 748mm X 530mm
Net Weight: 63KGS
Load Capacity: 330 lbs (150 kg)

New High-efficiency Separable Motor

The motor can be separated, which makes it easier to disassemble the motor and tires. The diameter of the motor is increased from 6.5 to 7, which makes the power and carrying capacity stronger. At the same time, heat dissipation is increased to better protect the motor.

Upgraded Front and Rear shock absorption

The front shock absorber is upgraded to an adjustable dual arm motorcycle grade shock absorber, and the height is increased from 10mm to 12mm, which makes riding more comfortable; the rear shock absorber is upgraded to a spring damping adjustable oil pressure shock absorber. riders can make personalized adjustments according to riding habits and different scenarios.

Portable LG Battery

Wolf King GTR uses LG INR21700-M50 battery with 2419wh, which can be easily separated from the body. Thanks to Kaabo's advanced battery management system (BMS), a total of 6 protection mechanisms, ensure the battery life and your safety. The battery has been treated with glue filling to increase the ability of shock resistance, water resistance and fire prevention.

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